Here’s What You Need To Know About Marc Spector’s Third Identity – Jake Lockley

Here's What You Need To Know About Marc Spector's Third Identity - Jake Lockley
Image: Moon Knight

While the show has previously given us hints of Marc Spector’s third personality, the last episode of the first season of Moon Knight aimed at bringing the character to mainstream light; in light of the same, this article will tell you all that you need to know about Jake Lockley, Marc Spector’s third identity.

As usual, Marvel delivered some heavy shots with the post-credits scene of Moon Knight Season 1; it introduced fans to Spector’s third personality, Jake Lockley. While it seems the show is answering some of the unanswered questions about some of the past scenes in the show, it actually raised more questions about Spector’s third personality and how the show will pan out in Season 2 of Moon Knight along with Jake Lockley in the picture.

Who exactly is Jake Lockley?

Mark Spector’s third personality, aka Jake Lockley, which, as the show tells us, even Marc and Steven are unaware about. According to Marvel comics, Marc developed Jake when he developed Steven’s personality. Furthermore, when Marc turned into the masked vigilante Moon Knight, he had a use for every personality, the suave Steven Grant was the financer, and Jake Lockley was the cab driver cum informant. It was through Jake that the Moon Knight developed a number of informants in the underworld, which further helped him fight crime.

moon knight third personality
Image: Moon Knight

Meanwhile, the TV series adaptation of Moon Knight has been referring to the third personality of Marc Spector from the beginning. The sudden blacking out of Marc in between fights he knew he couldn’t get out of and gaining consciousness in control of the situation, not knowing how he got there; and the same with Steven, it was Jake Lockley all along, helping the two getting out of a rabbit hole.

However, as the show progressed, both Marc and Steven came to better understand each other. On the other hand, Jake Lockley was never seen interacting with his two other roommates, Marc and Steven. Oh, and in case you didn’t notice or were trying to figure out who was in the shaking sarcophagus in the last episodes of Moon Knight, yep, you’re right; it was no other than Marc’s third personality, Jake Lockley, trying desperately to get out. While the show hasn’t revealed any information about who was in the sarcophagus; however, at this point, it seems obvious.

Is Jake Lockley the most violent personality of Marc Spector?

moon knight sarcophagus
Image: Moon Knight

The Moon Knight TV series portrays Jake as being the most comfortable in killing people, speaking Spanish with an accent. At the same time, in Marvel comics, Jake Lockley is just a cab driver who is the eyes and ears of Moon Knight and, over the years, has helped him develop a chain of underworld informants. However, the TV series also doesn’t portray Steven Grant as the suave billionaire like he is in the comics.

While we’re talking about this, it’s hard to say what the future of Jake as the third tenant in Marc’s body will be. At the same time, the show has clearly portrayed him as the one not shying away from killing, indicating he’s clearly the most violent among the three.

Lastly, the third personality of Marc Spector is the perfect detective in the Marvel comics; as for the TV show, it still remains to be seen what Marvel will do with Jake Lockley and how the character will grow into the story. Meanwhile, we’ll make sure to run a story for our readers in case any new information about Jake Lockley in Moon Knight Season 2 comes up.

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