Here’s How You Can Get A Free And Unreleased Phone From HTC


htc-one-m9-1Short Bytes: HTC has just launched a new preview program called HTC Preview to interact with the users and listen to their feedback in a better way. “Within the Preview Program, we ask owners to provide feedback on software and even hardware before it’s widely released,” the HTC Preview team said.

HTC is struggling and it’s a fact that is not hidden. The latest iPhone-inspired HTC One A9, from a company known for its design and appeal, makes this sobfest messier.

As a result of the poor revenue and embarrassing sales, HTC has just launched a new program called HTC Preview, no surprises here in the name. With this program, HTC aims to convince the users into testing its products and giving feedbacks with the help of free and unreleased smartphones and software.

This is a welcome step from the executives at HTC as listening to the user feedback and responding to their demands could be one of the few things that could save the company.

The HTC Preview is open to people in the US, Asia, and Europe. Visiting the HTC Preview page, you can add your smartphone habits and needs, along with your contact info. HTC says that if it’ll find a product that matches with your requirement and HTC’s testing needs, you’ll be contacted.

“Within the Preview Program, we ask owners to provide feedback on software and even hardware before it’s widely released. Signing up for HTC Preview will not guarantee that you get early access to software or hardware, but our goal is to draw all our participants from those registered,” the HTC Preview team said during a Reddit AMA.

During the AMA, users expressed their angst regarding the one-way communication between the users and HTC.  The HTC Preview program is a welcome step and it’s good to see that HTC is opening up and reaching out to the users more directly.

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