How To Get New Pixel Ringtones On Your Android Phone

Psst! You can download them all even if you don't own a Pixel!


Pixel 7 brings a lot of surprises to the table. Apart from the noticeable hardware changes, you also get access to Google VPN for free. It also includes a new collection of ‘surprisingly’ good Pixel ringtones that you would otherwise have to scour the internet for.

9to5google reported that there are 36 new ringtones, notifications, and alarms (12 in each set) for the new Pixel 7. But what about the other Pixel owners? Well, Google is including all these new sounds in the update for the Google Sounds app. Just go to settings, update the app, and try them out.

New Pixel Ringtones: How to get them?

Pixel 7 users get it by default. The rest of the Pixel phone owners need to update their Google Sounds app to get the new sound collection. But what about the rest of the mortals using Android phones from other manufacturers? Don’t we deserve access to the new ringtones and notification sounds?

Well, AndroidPolice has got your back on this one. They have created a collection of all the sounds available in the Google Sound app. You just need to download the collection and pick a new ringtone, notification sound, or alarm sound from the 310 items. Visit this Mediafire webpage to download the archive file. You will have to extract the files from the phone storage.

New Pixel Ringtones
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After that, you need to open the sound settings on your phone. The menu and option location may differ with Android devices running custom skins. Alternatively, you can download the Google Sounds app and install it on your phone by downloading the APK file from APKMirror. But do it at your own risk. Sideloading apps from websites can be extremely risky for your phone.

We noticed some unique ringtones from the collection. One was a ringtone labeled ‘construction,’ which was the sound of a jackhammer going hard against concrete. It is hard to pick one from the collection as your default sound because they all sound good. Better than the stock ringtones found on other smartphone brands.

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