Here Are 5 Cool Android Widgets Features, Picked By Google

Google's favourite widgets!


Widgets are a unique yet simple way to personalize a home screen. It allows users to instantly access important information, including their inbox, the weather, to-do lists, or reminders for the front and center. However, the launch of the traffic widget for Google Maps is just around the corner.

The company has announced that it will be launching 35 news widgets across all Android devices. To celebrate the launch of the potential features, we will be talking about five of the most useful widgets available to assist everyone in personalizing and organizing their home screen.

Check local traffic with a single tap

The real-time traffic predictions by Google Maps are an excellent companion for traveling or planning a hangout with friends. The feature allows you to choose the best route for your destination.

Image Credit: Google

The new nearby traffic widget set to launch in the coming weeks will let you view the information for the current location from your Android’s home screen. So before you leave for school, work, home, or anywhere, you will get a clear idea of what to expect regarding local traffic right on your home screen.

Since the widgets are tappable, you can efficiently zoom in and out without opening the Google Maps application.

Tap to archive emails immediately

Emails are an important way to communicate. The Gmail widget is convenient and easy to ensure your inbox remains organized. Click on archive an email when you receive it in your inbox without opening the Gmail app.

Image Credit: Google

Efficiently Scroll through your to-do list

Keeping a to-do list is essential to ensure you achieve all the tasks and goals during the day. Many users like the scrollable to-do list inside the Keep widget. It’s a convenient and efficient way to keep track of your daily tasks, and since you cross out the completed ones, it provides mental clarity.

Image Credit: Google

The widget will simplify the task for you; thus, you have a shortcut on your home screen to access it instantly.

Scan through your favorite translations

Google Translate widget’s scroll feature can assist you in effective organizations. If you want to keep particular phrases at hand while traveling and speaking with family and friends, it will help you pin it to the top. Users will have to start their favorite translations and appear through the widget.

Image Credit: Google

Resize widgets to fit your requirements

Widgets are useful, but users don’t prefer burdening their home screen. Thus, you can resize the widgets and change their shape without decluttering the home screen while ensuring the helpful features remain intact.

Image Credit: Google


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