Has HOTD Finally Decided to Set Viserys Free From His Miseries?

In the honor of King Viserys.

Has HOTD Finally Decided to Set Viserys Free From His Miseries?
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King Viserys I is one of the most intriguing characters in House of the Dragon. The first season started with him as the King of the Red Keep. Slowly we got to know him better from his decisions and behavior. Moreover, we can safely state that he is the only one in King’s Landing who is not relying on plots and schemes.

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However, the show has given an awful disease to the noble King. At the beginning of the series, we notice his body slowly decaying due to a cut from the Iron Throne. The grand maesters of King’s Landing have tried everything, including leeches, but his illness is not curing.

Furthermore, it seems like the makers have finally decided to free him from his miseries. How? You aks. Let’s answer that in the next section of this article.

Will King Viserys die in House of the Dragon episode 8?

The King’s miseries might end in the next episode. Moreover, the makers have subtly teased it in the eight-episode preview. With Ser Otto sitting on the Iron Throne and making decisions on his behalf, we can assume that either Viserys is gone or on the verge of death. However, we were more than sure at the end of Laenor and Rhaenyra’s wedding that the King was no more.

He surprisingly survived that incident and the ten-years time jump too. But this time, it also makes sense for the series as many significant events will happen after his death. Furthermore, if he is gone in the eighth episode, then writers will have a lot to offer for the ninth and tenth installments. Keeping all that in mind, let’s discuss the events that’ll take place after his death.

What does Viserys’ death really mean in House Of The Dragon?

Has HOTD Finally Decided to Set Viserys Free From His Miseries?
Image Credit: HBO

King Viserys’ death will begin the Dance of Dragons as both sides, Blacks and Greens, will move quickly to claim the Iron Throne. It will leave a vacancy on the throne, for which two claimants, Rhaenyra and Aegon, will fight to the death. This will change Visyers’ legacy as he was an honest and peace-loving person while his children are his worst nightmares.

It will be a critical point for the prequel series as many lives are on the line after Viserys’ death. The latest preview shows us Ser Otto worrying about the upcoming war. No wonder he is looking sharp and tensed in the preview. With that said, let’s see what Paddy Considine has to say about King Viserys.

What are Paddy Considine’s views on King Viserys?

Paddy Considine
Image Credit: Den of Geek

The actor is constantly posting funny memes of his role on Instagram. Moreover, he thinks of Viserys as a wise and peaceful man who is always stuck in complicated situations. In addition, he also believes that the conspiracies against the crown do not affect his morale, but his health is slowly degrading.

We hope now you have a better idea about Viserys’ death. Until the next episode arrives, check out the epic ending of House of the Dragon, episode 7. That’s all we have for this article. What are your views on Viserys? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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