Harry Potter’s Portable ‘Invisibility Cloak’ Invented by Researchers



We all have since our childhood longed to be invisible just as Harry Potter could in the movie. But then, it was a mere imagination of one’s mind. But the good news is that science has evinced that imaginations can be turned into reality and the same is true in this case. Our childish fantasy has been able to tread the distance from our minds to the real world.

A group of German scientists have developed a portable invisibility cloak inspired by the Harry Potter series. However, the cloak cannot hide a human but it can work effectively on small objects by fading them from sight.

In a diffusive light scattering medium, light moves on random paths A normal object casts shadow and an object with an invisibility cloak does not. Credit: R. Schittny / KIT

The cloak works by using diffused scattered light phenomenon and thus, it lets the light enter but conceals the source. By scattering, the material slows down the speed of light waves through the medium.

The object to be concealed is placed inside a hollow metal cylinder coated with acrylic paint, embedded within a block of polydimethylsiloxane (a commonly used organic polymer) with titanium dioxide nanoparticles that make it scatter light.

If the time taken by light to propagate through the polydimethylsiloxane block is proportionate to the time taken by it to travel through the cloak, then, the core will become invisible.

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