Quidditch, A Harry Potter-Inspired Sport, Has Officially Changed Its Name.

And here's why!

Harry Potter
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For years, the Harry Potter franchise’s popularity was unrivaled. In addition to its impact on pop culture and the financial assistance it has provided Warner Bros, all seven books and eight films were a hit.

Over the last two decades, the world of Harry Potter has spread to the real world. Multiple quidditch leagues, such as U.S. Quidditch and Major League Quidditch, were formed as early as 2005.

At the same time, the series has waned due to revelations about Rowling’s personal beliefs. Rowling’s anti-trans beliefs have recently come to light on social media. Since the author routinely repeats stereotypes and raises the prominence of other transphobic people.

As a result, many LGBTQ+ Harry Potter fans have abandoned the series. And this response looks to be one of the reasons why the latest Potter spinoff, Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, bombed at the box office this spring.

Sport Of Quidditch officially changes its name

Now, according to NBC News, the governing bodies of both U.S. Quidditch and Major League Quidditch have confirmed their plans to change the name of the sport. This news comes over the fact that they have decided to separate themselves from both the Potter series and Rowling.

The new name for the sport, Quadball, was created not only in opposition to Rowling’s anti-trans positions in recent years. But also in response to the Potter trademarking making it more difficult for leagues to secure suitable sponsorship and programming. The International Quidditch Association will likewise apply this name change globally.

Since its inception as a college sport in Vermont, quidditch-turned-quadball has been a popular extracurricular activity at universities across the country. This is due not only to its use of high-flying quidditch play, which felt too fantastic to be real when seen on film. But also to its lower stakes, less macho antithesis to other organized sports.

The decision to adopt quadball over its current name reflects the belief that the sport should be associated with fun activity and sporting prowess rather than the contentious issues surrounding the sport’s ultimate creator.

Using quadball also serves to limit Rowling’s influence and reach, as well as to avoid the messy separation between art and artist that has plagued Harry Potter discussions for years.

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