Happy 30th Birthday, Nintendo Entertainment System. Thanks for Mario and Everything Else


nintendo-boirthday-marioShort Bytes: October 18th, 2015 marks the 30th birthday of the iconic Nintendo Entertainment System. The NES was known as Family Computer (Famicom) during its 1983 rollout in Japan, where it was a huge success. Two years later it came to the USA and created history.

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) has turned 30 as it was launched in North America on October 18th, 1985. Okay, I’m feeling very old right now but let’s get over that and talk about NES.

Long back, 30 years ago, NES was launched as a limited USA release with classic Nintendo games including all-time chart-topping NES video game Super Mario Bros, along with Excitebike, Duck Hunt, Pinball, Kung Fu and Golf.

For many of us, the most memorable game is Super Mario Bros. The game has sold over 40 million units and this game just made you an addict.

The Nintendo Entertainment System was known as Family Computer (Famicom) during its 1983 rollout in Japan. After its huge success, two years later, it was launched in the USA as NES.

Take a look at the 1986 commercial for the NES Deluxe Set:

Share you Nintendo Entertainment System and Mario memories in the comments below.

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