Happy 20th Birthday IPv6 – The Hero To Save Our Internet?


ipv6 heroShort Bytes: We have just completed the 20 years of the IPv6 launch. This standard was developed by IETF to replenish the drying pool of IP addresses and bring numerous performance improvements. However, the adoption numbers of the IPv6 protocol hasn’t been very encouraging.

Internet Protocol (IP) saw the launch of its most recent version 20 years ago when IETF developed IPv6 to replace IPv4. But, where did IPv4 fail to deliver? Why has it witnessed just 0.5 percent growth each year over the past 2 decades?

The need of a new protocol arose after the rapid growth of the internet in the 1990s. With time, the popularity of IPv6 protocol has increased at a slow pace and it’s measured by Google with the help of a Javascript program. The latest Google statistics tells that on December 26, we reached 9.98 percent IPv6 adoption. Just a year ago, this percent was below 6 percent.

As we celebrate the 20th birthday of the protocol, Belgium tops the charts with nearly 43 percent IPv6 adoption. The US is witnessing a fast growth with nearly 25 percent deployment. However, if we keep a few European countries aside, this enthusiasm isn’t seen in the rest countries on the map.

ipv6 ipv4 adoption are country

If you look at the per-country IPv6 adoption map below, there are few countries shaded in red. This means that IPv6 users in these nations experience a performance worse than IPv4 users.

Well, if we leave Africa aside, there’s no more IPv4 addresses available all around the world. With better performance promises, the IPv6 users are bound to increase in the next few years. Even though the IPv6 standard has been with us for two decades, the adoption rate has been poor.

ipv6 ipv4 adoption are country

It’s time to make the switch. Do it now.

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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