Happy 20th Birthday Internet Explorer! Thanks for Everything!


internet-explorer-Short Bytes: Today, Internet Explorer has completed its 20 years. It was released long back in 1995 and recently with Windows 10, Microsoft released the new version IE 11.

20 years ago today, long back in the year 1995, Microsoft released the Internet Explorer 1.0 as a Microsoft Plus! “Internet Jumpstart Kit” add-on for Windows 95.

Via its official Twitter account, Microsoft Edge team celebrated the occasion and signaled that IE’s days are over.

The Twitter post was accompanied with a video that had Microsoft Edge running a site with some birthday sparkles with a Happy Birthday Message and sparkles in the shape of an “e”. The Twitter post reads:

Happy 20th Birthday, Internet Explorer! Thanks for all the great work you’ve done, but I’ve got it from here ;) 

After its release as an add-on, IE 1.0 was launched for free and was included as newer versions in later Windows releases.


Currently, along with Windows 10, Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 11 and it’s just to continue the legacy. As Internet Explorer completes its 20 years, let’s appreciate the web browser and remember the browser that played a remarkable part in making of the internet.

Share your Internet Explorer memories in comments below.

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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