Halo TV series episode 4 release date and time
Image credit: Paramount+

The latest episode of the ‘Halo’ TV series fulfilled a top wish from fans. Yes, we are referring to Cortana officially becoming part of the show. Now, viewers are hoping that Halo TV series episode 4 will further build upon that, and it will be an amazing episode as usual.

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Regarding the episode, it is slated for an online release on April 14, 2022. On the aforementioned date, the episode is expected to be added online at 12:00 AM Pacific Time (PT)/3:00 AM Eastern Time (ET).

With that being said, let’s talk about where to watch Halo TV series episode 4 online in the next section of our streaming guide. But before that, feel free to check out our guide on Halo TV series episode 3 here.

Where to watch ‘Halo’ TV series episode 4 online?

Halo TV series episode 4 release date and time
Image credit: Paramount+

The TV show based on the popular video game franchise is the creation of Paramount+. So evidently, you can watch all the episodes of the show, including episode 4 on Paramount+. Additionally, the streaming service also provides a free trial to new users. You can use that offer to test the content offered by it.

Where to watch the ‘Halo’ TV series in India?

Since Paramount+ is unavailable in India, you might rely on illegal streaming websites. However, instead of doing that, you can rely on Voot Select to watch Halo TV series in India. The episodes are released on the same date as the U.S., with the release time being 12:30 PM Indian Standard Time (IST).

What to expect from ‘Halo’ TV series episode 4?

The new episode of the show is titled “Homecoming.” It is expected to heavily focus on Master Chief’s background story. So if you are someone new to the franchise, this is a pretty crucial episode for you. The preview also reveals that Kwan-Ha is hoping to build her army to return home.

This is it from our end. What are your expectations from the new episode? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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