Hadrian Robot Makes Homes for Humans, Can Build a Home in 2 Days



Construction was never easy, and it was not going to be. Until Now. An Australian inventor Mark Pivac, with his team, has built a robot that lays 1000 bricks an hour and could raise an outer structure of a house in two days. Conventionally, the bricklayers would require two to three months for that. Also, an average bricklayer works for 5-7 hours a day, while this robot can work tirelessly round the clock for 365 days.

We’re at a technological nexus where a few different technologies have got to the level where it’s now possible to do it, and that’s what we’ve done.
Build at Fastbrick Robotics, the inventor has named the robot Hadrian, after the famous “Hadrian’s Wall”. With the speed and dedication for its work, the bot can build 150 homes a year. Hadrian creates a 3D CAD program (Computer Aided Design) for a given structure, and then processes the order in which the house has to be built. It calculates the location for each brick to be placed precisely and also cuts and shapes the brick and lays them sequentially.

You think this is tough!! Wait for the next part.

The machine doesn’t even require to move an inch while building a complete house. It has a 28m telescopic boom with a robotic arm that lays the brick with coats of mortar over it. The robot also measures and does the quality check on the bricks, and makes way for electrical wiring and internal plumbing too.

Hadrian’s efficient programming helps it do everything perfectly. Mark Pivac and his team were able to create this brilliant machine in 10 years with an expense of over $7 million. The technology has an immense potential to become a rage in this new era of infrastructural development. Hadrian will be available commercially first in WA and then worldwide.

This new innovation would provide speedy developments in under-developed regions and also even help towns rise again after disasters like eartquakes.


This idea somehow seems to be inspired from my childhood cartoon “Bob the Builder”. Only if Hadrian could talk :P

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Source: Perthnow

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