Hackers Release Video Of Nintendo Switch Running A Linux Distro


When it comes to porting software to potentially unsupported devices, hackers are quite comfortable to push themselves beyond the boundaries set by the manufactures.

In the past, determined minds have hacked their way into installing Windows XP on iPhone 7 or Windows 7 on an Android smartwatch.

Now, it’s the turn of the Nintendo Switch gaming console. It seems the Nvidia Tegra-powered device can do a lot more than playing games and powering cardboard pianos: transform into a working Linux tablet.

Almost two weeks ago, the collective called fail0verflow teased the first image of their booting Nintendo Switch Linux tablet on Twitter. They have released a minute long video showing off the capabilities of the Switch featuring a Linux distro, better call it ‘switchnix.’ The video shows the device supporting touch controls and working web browser.

As fail0veflow said in the past, the bootrom bug they exploited to load a Linux distro on the Switch can’t be patched on currently released consoles and it doesn’t require a modchip.

They didn’t drop any instructions that could help Linux enthusiasts to install a distribution on their Switch.

This is not the first time fail0veflow has demonstrated their skills while playing with a gaming console. Last year, they managed to put a Linux distro on a PlayStation 4 by taking advantage of a WebKit bug.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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