This Hacker Shows How To Destroy Someone’s Online Life In Minutes


YOU'VE BEEN HACKERDShort Bytes: All it took was a crying baby (not a real one but in the background on YouTube) and some empathetic talks over a phone call with the customer care representative to show someone how to hack into his account by a social engineer hacker named Jessica Clark. Watch the video in the end.

This is how a Social Engineer hacker was able to hack in just 30 seconds

#1: Background check

The first step starts with a background check on the target. The background check involves preparation of a dossier of the victim based on his social-media activity and publicly available information found online. With this information, a social engineer hacker has a fair amount of information about the victim.

#2: Spoofing phone number

In the next step, the hacker spoofs victim’s phone number in a call to the victim’s phone company. The hacker masks her number she’s calling from with what a customer-service representative would see as being victim’s number. This step helps in convincing the company that the caller is legitimate.

#3: Play a YouTube video of babies crying

She plays the video in the background to make it seem as if she’s distraught and calling from a hectic household. Once she starts talking with the customer care representative, she pretends as being the victim’s wife in distress.

#4: Empathetic talks and getting the needed information

She makes some excuses talking to the customer care and does some empathetical talks. Within just 30 seconds, she has the victim’s email address.

In some cases when it becomes harder for her to convince the customer care representative, she used some more small pieces of information to convince the company.

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In the below video, the hacker is finally able to create her own account and block the victim out of his own account (starts at 1:36).

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