This Person Made A DIY Smartwatch From Scratch And It’s Amazing!


The smartwatch segment seems to have hit rock bottom as not many exciting ones are getting launched. Therefore, trying to build a smartwatch in accordance with the needs, a guy made one from scratch and I am simply amazed.

A guy named Samson March (who is an electrical engineer) decided to build his own smartwatch and created one which would mainly show pop up notifications.

For your information, the smartwatch’s design is open source and is available on GitHub, hence anyone can use it to make one.

Making A Smartwatch From Scratch

The smart wearable is developed from 3D woodfill PLA with the use of a monoprice printer. The woodfill PLA is made of 70% wood and 30% sawdust which totally apes the wood appearance can even be painted to create an actual wood effect.

smartwatch from scratch

The round-shaped smartwatch comprises four major blocks; the power block (for battery), the sensors block (for accelerometer), the actuators block (for the vibration motor and screen to connect), and the BLE block (for Bluetooth LE connection) with a Dialog Semiconductor DA14683 chip.

Furthermore, there is also some internal memory to store some images in the smartwatch.


The display is LCD in nature and comes with a screen resolution of 240×240 pixels. Additionally, the wallpaper theme chosen for the smartwatch is leaves and flowers to match well with the wood-like structure of the wearable.



The device (designed in Fusion 360) is built with a custom OS and is not touch-sensitive. However, it offers gesture navigation from the top, bottom, right, and left of the smartwatch.

As March owns an iPhone, the smartwatch is compatible with an iPhone to receive notifications from the device.

In addition to this,  Samson March made a charging cradle for the smartwatch. You can check this link out to know more about the making of the smartwatch in detail.

While the smartwatch wasn’t made to go public, March could still consider the idea.

Do you think the smartwatch should be mass produced? Comment below with your thoughts.

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