GTA 5 Mods: Franklin And 3 Dogs In The Middle Of A Zombie Outbreak


There are a whole lot of scenarios and storylines you can force into Grand Theft Auto 5 with the help of different mods. That way, you can never get bored with this fantastic game. 

NoughtPointForLIVE, a popular YouTuber, posted a GTA 5 Zombie mod gameplay on YouTube. The gameplay featured Franklin and his rottweiler companion, Chop, stuck in a zombie outbreak.

This particular zombie mod is different from other GTA 5 zombie apocalypse mod because it lets the player witness the initial stage of a zombie apocalypse.

Also, while killing the infected Los Santos population, Franklin had to look after Chop, who doesn’t care about anything.

Can Franklin And Chop Survive A Zombie Outbreak In GTA 5?

The story begins when Franklin and Chop are hanging out in the park, and they suddenly hear a blast on the other side of the mountain.

NoughtPointFourLIVE decides to take Franklin and Chop back to the house, where they learn about a zombie outbreak through a news broadcast.

Now, the very first thing Nought has to do in this situation is to make sure that Franklin and Chop don’t die out of starvation. So, he decides to head out with Chop to look for some food.

When Nought drives on the street of Los Santos, he is shocked to see that everyone is going crazy and running in the middle of the streets. Everyone who heard about this zombie outbreak doesn’t waste a second and starts moving out of the city. I know, the entire scenario is basically like a movie.

Fortunately, Franklin and Chop show incredible teamwork and manages to get some food for survival. After that, Nought takes Franklin and Chop back to home, where they spend their night peacefully.

However, the peace only lasts for the night as some flesh-eating zombies break into Franklin’s house. So, both Franklin and Chop fight their way through several zombies. The major highlight is looking at Chop, taking down a bunch of zombies on his own.

After killing maybe hundreds of zombies, Nought decides to head for the helipad, but only to find out that there are no helicopters left. So, he makes his way towards the airport. But unfortunately, he doesn’t find a workable airplane at the airport either and what’s worse, is that their car engine dies.

Now, Franklin and Chop are out in the open surrounded by thousands of zombies. Thankfully, Nought finds a scrapyard where he had to kill a lot of zombies. But after that, something unexpected happens; Franklin and Chop see a golden retriever and a pug in the middle of the outbreak.

After roaming around for a bit, Franklin and three dogs managed to find an underground shelter. Nought decides to stay underground along with Chop and the other two dogs he rescued.

Watching the entire GTA 5 mod gameplay was a lot of fun, as there were a lot of unexpected things happening. For instance, I never expected Franklin to find the other two dogs during the zombie outbreak.

Shivam Gulati

Shivam Gulati

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