Great News For TikTokers! TikTok Ban Lifted In India

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Marking a moment of joy for TikTok users in India, the Madras High Court in India has revoked the TikTok ban in the country.

The lifting of the TikTok app ban in India would mean that the app will soon return to the Google Play Store and the App Store.

The Supreme Court recently directed the Madras Court to decide on the app in response to TikTok’s plea to remove the ban. The court further suggested that if the Madras Court fails to do so, TikTok won’t be banned in the country.

To refresh your memory, the idea of banning TikTok in India came up due to the alleged promotion of derogatory and offensive content on the app that included pornography.

Following this, TikTok removed around six million videos from the platform after reviewing its rules and regulations.

However, the app was banned anyway, asking Google and Apple to remove the app from their app stores.

We contacted TikTok on the same and are awaiting a response. Hence, we will update the article.

PUBG also faced ban in the past

To recall, popular battle royale game PUBG was also targeted by the Indian government for getting banned, citing violence and numerous crimes due to the game. PUBG is no longer banned in Ahmedabad. However, authorities are still looking for ways to ban the app.

The aim of banning apps appears more of an extreme step when apps can strictly be regulated. For instance, the ban on PUBG was not called for given the fact users need to use it with the utmost discretion. TikTok, on the other hand, can merely be monitored to ensure nothing objectionable is promoted.

The aim of the government regulations and app stores should be to make sure that apps are abiding by the listed terms and conditions and are suitable for all but not to take away the right to operate.

What are your thoughts on the same? Comment below!

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