Government Agencies Attacked Tor based Darknet Email Service SIGAINT



What is the news?

The popular Darknet email service, SIGAINT, has warned its users that its email service has become a target of a government attack. SIGAINT was targeted by an attacker who tried to hack the email service my utilizing 70 bad Tor exit nodes about a week ago.

SIGAINT is an email service that uses Tor anonymization network. This service aims to provide complete privacy to dark web users that include rebels residing in hiding, journalists and criminals. Whenever SIGAINT uses Tor network, the email sent from one user is routed via multiple relays/nodes without revealing the user’s identity.

Is this the first attack of its kind?

Recently many other services were targeted by law enforcement agencies in recent past and SIGAINT is the latest addition to this list. The attackers have been trying different kinds of exploits against their infrastructure in recent few months.

What type of attacks did SIGAINT face?

SIGAINT admins believe that there is a possibility that more than one bad exit nodes are targeting the Tor services. The attackers followed the “man in the middle” (MITM) technique and SIGAINT users were connected to the website via one of these 70 exit nodes. Due to this, the government was able to keep an eye on the SIGAINT users.

Why was SIGAINT attacked?

The attackers weren’t after the passwords as the email service gets less than 1 user out of 42,000 complaining about hijacked accounts. It indicated that some government agency was keeping an eye on SIGAINT email service.

SIGAINT site admin said that it’s kind of strange that prior to attack, they didn’t receive any law enforcement requests which they normally receive each week.

THN writes that it’s clear that there was some government agency behind this attack, but the exact attackers remain a mystery.

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