Gossip Girl Season 2 Shares Release Date & Georgina’s Iconic Return

Major news upper east siders!

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The HBO Max reboot follows an entirely new cast of characters within the original Gossip Girl universe who attend the same Upper East Side prep schools. Despite not achieving the critical success of its source material, the show was renewed for a second season. The show has made numerous nods and references to the original Gossip Girl main characters and features Kristen Bell as the narrator once again. But only supporting characters such as Blair Waldorf’s stepfather Cyrus and her maid Dorota have made actual appearances.

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Georgina Sparks, played by Michelle Trachtenberg, was a notorious figure in season one. Georgina was first introduced as the troublesome friend of Serena van der Woodsen. She frequently appeared in the show’s messiest storylines, such as when she persuaded Dan Humphrey that he was the father of her kid Milo. Gossip Girl teased a Georgina Sparks comeback in a June episode after her kid became a key figure.

Gossip Girl Season 2 gets a release date

Georgina’s return is now official, as she appears in new Gossip Girl season 2 images released by HBO Max. Georgina is dressed up and appears to be plotting at a fancy event in the photo. It has also been confirmed that season 2 will premiere on HBO Max on December 1. Other photos show the main Gossip Girl group at school, as well as mean girls Luna La and Monet de Haan dressed up for an event.

What to expect?

Season 1 debuted on July 8, 2021, and left a lot of unresolved drama. Kate struck an unusual deal with Julien, promising to reveal dirt on her friends in exchange for information on Gossip Girl’s identity. Max began a throuple with Aki and Audrey. Meanwhile, Zoya stayed with her father in New York City. Thanks to Julien’s generous donation to keep their apartment running. Julien gives a monologue to Gossip Girl explaining why the two of them need to work together after Zoya discovers Julien and Obie slept together.

Season 2 will pick up where season 1 left off. Julien is still dealing with the fallout from her father’s Me Too Movement, and her collaboration with Gossip Girl is bound to backfire. Audrey, Max, and Aki are navigating their polyamorous relationship. Meanwhile, Zoya is attempting to distance herself from the Constance It girls.

What are your expectations from Gossip Girl Season 2? Let us know in the comments down below.

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