Google’s Self Driving Cars Hit The Roads Of California


Google has always come up with brilliant innovations. They created quite a buzz when they announced working on a driverless car concept. Google had already modified Lexus SUV and Toyota Prius with their technology a few years back, and the company has been very upbeat about the reviews.

Now Google has announced that its autonomous car that resembles a cute puppy, will be adorning the streets of Mountain View, California from today. The cars have the same computational system as that used in Lexus and Toyota, with added features for its new model.

It is an electricity-powered car that can clock up to 25 mph. However, the car is to be driven around without air bags. Google’s intentional model was to develop a car sans steering wheel and pedals, but that would be illegal in the state of California.

To give people a feel of driving and also to get their car a legal permit, Google has added  a steering wheel, accelerator pedal and brakes to the model. Google has vowed to develop and hand over to people an even better version of the autonomous car in 2020.

Other carmakers such as Delphi have also been working on the self-driving car concept and have been pretty successful.

Both these tech giants are now competing to give the consumers a safer and better option. And looking at their dedication, it looks like very soon everyone would be sleeping their way to office!! :P

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