Google’s Project Vault: A Secure Computer On A Micro SD Card



From the stage of Google I/O 2015, Google’s Regina Duggan introduced something that wants you to forget the passwords and become one yourself. Google’s Project Vault is a secure computer that is entirely contained on a micro SD card. According to Google, this micro SD card format makes sense because mobile is the future and tons of advanced security functions are already making their appearance on phones.

Google’s Project Vault is something equivalent to these security measures and aims to protect user’s important data. Talking of the analogies, the usual SIM card is something that is already present in a phone and protects stuff important to carriers.

The Vault houses an ARM processor running ARTOS – a secure operating system focused on security and user privacy. It features NFC chip and antenna to ensure the correct authorization. Also, there’s are cryptographic services that include services like hashing, signing, encryption along with a hardware random number generator.

TechCrunch writes that Project Vault provides 2-factor authorization that will be easy to implement and the system will see it as storage device with a standard file system that will work with all operating systems including Windows, Android, OS X and Linux.

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Project Vault is a tiny hardware that shrinks a computer into a micro SD card that will make authentication available on each type of device. The Project Vault SDK for developers has already been made available.

This open source development kit from Google ATAP will enable people to test the Project Vault before it is released. Currently, a specialized enterprise version of the Vault is being tested internally at Google.

Right now, Project Vault is in the development phase and could be used to secure your operations and interactions. It seems that Google ATAP is aiming at the right spot i.e. the mobile way.

Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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