Google Making New Messaging App To Challenge Facebook And WhatsApp, Powered by AI

Google messaging app
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Google messaging app
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Short Bytes: Google once again is trying to capture its lost territory by launching a new Messaging app which will be powered by Artificial intelligence. Google’s new messaging app will also facilitate search engine amenities and will use chatbots to answer the users.

Google came out with a blast when it launched Google plus with hangouts features. Initial spikes in the liking because of generated interests by the people slacked down and Google hangouts was labeled as a failure. To keep the hangouts and Google Plus alive, Google integrated Google Plus with SEO. Well, that was very strategic but still, Google chat option saw a doomed future.

One of the basic problems of hangouts was its association with Google plus. Google eventually separated Hangouts and made it a standalone app. The company even went an extra mile by allowing users to send Hangout invites to those without Google account. But these scenes came much later in the picture when the fate was already decided.

Even though Google tried to bring everything – phone calls, SMS, messaging and video conferencing – in one place on Hangouts, it really did not work well to attract audiences that seemed more inclined towards WhatsApp, WeChat and others.

According to recent figures, around 900 million people are now using WhatsApp. WhatsApp was bought by Facebook for $19 billion in 2014, and another 700 million people use the Messenger service that Facebook developed internally.  That means around 1.6 billion people are using Facebook Services to exchange messages which is a massive figure- the market Google is missing.

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Google’s New Messaging App:

Google’s new Messaging app would be capable of doing almost everything that a normal Google search can, such as offering up answers and providing links to web pages etc. It will leverage on Google’s artificial intelligence technology to offers chatbots that will message like a real person. Users can ask questions related to weather, news, and images and the chatbots will respond.

Even though Google has been pushing up the ‘Google Now feature everywhere, it knows how critical a chatting app is for users.

What do you think Google’s new messaging app based on intelligent chatbots will be successful?

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