Google’s My Ad Center Will Help You Choose Ads You Want To See

More control over Google Ads.

Google My Ad Center
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At I/O 2022 conference, Google showcased My Ad Center. An upcoming feature with Android 13 which will make it a lot easier to control the ads in Google products. It will give users more control over the ads in Google Search, Discover, and YouTube videos.

Google My Ad Center

Google My Ad Center has a modern design. It features a toggle in the top right corner that allows you to turn on or off personalized ads. If you don’t want Google to show ads as per your interest, you can turn off personalized ads altogether.

You can also toggle it back on if you want to personalize the ads you see across Google products. For that, you will get three tabs at the bottom: Home, Customize, and Privacy. By default, you will land in the Home tab. The Home tab features shortcuts to the sections of Customize tab. Below the shortcuts, it shows a carousel to recent ads. You can review the ads you have seen recently.

The Customize tab is further categorized into three tabs: Topics, Brand, and Sensitive. The Topics are presented as cards with cover images. You will get + and – buttons to select or remove the topics. You can pick the topics around which you would like to see ads and remove the topics you are not interested in.

The Brands tab shows a similar + and – option next to brands. You can select or remove the brands as per your interest. In the Sensitive tab, you can allow or limit sensitive categories like Gambling, Dating, Alcohol and Weight Loss, etc.

The last tab at the bottom is Privacy. From there, you can add, edit or disable your demographic data like age, education, and relationship status. It will help Google tune the ads based on your demographics.

If you are in Google Search, Discover, or YouTube, tapping the My Ad Center overflow menu will show the topics and brands of the ad. You will get the same + and – button to add or remove the topics and brands. You can like, block or report the ad.

It will also feature a link to My Ad Center. You can also see which advertiser paid for the ad. Google has confirmed My Ad Center will roll out by the end of this year. What are your thoughts about Google adding a dedicated ad center to control and customize the ads? Let us know in the comments.

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