Google’s Machine Learning Comics Makes It Easy To Understand, Even For Noobs


You might have come across numerous courses and explanatory material for Machine Learning — most of which are difficult to comprehend at times. But don’t give up on the chance to learn ML yet! Google has released a comic strip for Machine Learning that will teach the concepts of ML even to a noob.

Those who have an understanding of ML might find it funny or even childish, but for those who have no idea what it is and are looking for a simpler way to grasp those concepts — here’s something for you!

You can share Google’s Machine Learning comic strip with beginners or young coders who want to familiarize themselves with the concepts of ML.

I’d like to warn beforehand that the comic is a bit lengthy and it doesn’t reach the Neural Networks part. For that, Google is going to release part II very soon.

Google machine learning comic strip

For now, the comic strip has the characters named Martha, the overworked engineer; Mel, the world’s worst boss; Flip, the cat; and Bit, the… umm… I’m not sure what Bit is 😅 but it looks like some sort of talking gadget.

This piece did manage to make me smile and it has its funny moments too. google machine learning comics

And this frame towards the end of the Machine Learning comic strip is the one I could totally relate to.

Anyway, I know that this presentation may not be enough for many of you out there. For those who’d rather prefer a more serious and extensive course, here are a couple of good ones for you:

And oh, I almost forgot to tell you that the whole point of this comic is to get you to sign up using Google’s machine learning services. But don’t worry, it’s not too commercial.

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