Google’s Leaked ‘Pixel Pass’ Is A Bundle That Comes With A Phone

Yet another Pixel 6 rumor.


The Google Pixel 6 series is mere days away, and we’re still getting massive leaks ahead of the launch. Google will launch its latest Pixel smartphones on October 19. Moreover, new leaks suggest a subscription bundle called “Pixel Pass” that comes in different variants.

The Pixel Pass could supposedly bring competition to the Apple One bundle. However, it has a lot more to offer than its rival. Following rumors, M. Brandon Lee of This Is Tech Today shared in a tweet, and Google has a lot to offer with its subscription bundle.

Google Pixel Pass: Google’s new experiment

Details of the Google Pixel Pass surfaced on Twitter, courtesy of YouTuber M. Brandon Lee. Apparently, Google will offer a bundle of various services along with a Pixel 6 series phone. The company has a plethora of services in each category, and you can have access to all of them with the Pixel Pass. However, that’s not all; users can also avail extended warranty and a phone upgrade scheme.

Google’s new subscription is a blend of Apple’s iPhone upgrade plan and the Apple One bundle. Notably, a Pixel 6 series smartphone is included in the Pixel Pass subscription. Hence, it’s more of a smartphone bundle rather than an add-on.

Further, stressing what the screenshot in Lee’s tweet reads, the subscription is associated with Google Fi. Fi is the company’s telephony service available in the U.S. only. That is to say, and, likely, the Pixel Pass will only be available to customers in the U.S.

It’s vital to take the leak with a grain of salt, as the source of the screenshot remains uncertain. By the looks of it, the screenshot appears to be part of an internal Google document.

It’s unclear if Google will launch the Pixel Pass due to the leaks or how it’ll launch the bundle. Google hasn’t confirmed any additional leaks yet. However, it won’t surprise me if more leaks surface before the Pixel launch event on October 19.

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