Google’s Gaming Console Controller Images Revealed In A Patent


A few weeks back, word broke about Google’s mystery online gaming project which involves a game streaming service powered by Chromecast.

Now, a newly discovered patent reveals the design of a gaming controller which the upcoming gaming service would rely on. It is an internet-connected game controller which would be independent of any one host device.

The patent details a notification system for the controller which notifies a player whenever a game is made available, or if the player receives an invitation, a new status on a leaderboard, or there’s a chat request from other players.

The patent discusses other capabilities of the controller such as launching the relevant app on any relevant device to allow switching between devices.

google gaming consoe

Moreover, the controller can store your account settings and host device settings (such as brightness and volume) in addition to hardware options. For instance, game-specific button bindings and general gamepad settings.

This means you can visit a friend and resume your game where you left off. Google filed this patent back in 2014, but it also warns that the images you see above may not be the final design.

google gaming console1

Still, it offers insight into Google’s approach to Project Stream which is awesome because it could change the gaming scenario. Instead of buying a whole console, you could get a cloud-connected gamepad that can work well with the devices you already possess.

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