Google’s AngularJS 2 Release Brings The Power Of JavaScript To Mobile

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Short Bytes: Google has released the beta version of its AngularJS 2 framework. The 2.x branch of the framework was set to release in October-November, but it got delayed due to some reasons. Now, AngularJS 2.0 Beta is available for download and you can start writing the apps right away.

JavaScript is the language of the web and a standard way of making apps for your browser. Created in 1990s, this language has given us the liberty to create websites and services with ease. With time, JavaScript has grown to become a developer-favorite language for making any mobile-first website and mobile application, thanks to Google’s AngularJS framework.

In the latest news, Google’s AngularJS 2 is now in beta. The Angular 2 is an architected and rewritten version of the JS framework with general availability planned for early-2016. The previous version of the framework was focused on the web and the new one targets the app-making for mobiles easier.

Under the hood of Google, AngularJS is a 6-year-old open source project having a rich developer community. While the initial step to make the Angular framework was received with some hostility, later the community responded positively.

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What are the improvements in AngularJS 2?

With AngularJS 2, Google wants the developers with existing web app coding skills to easily write apps for mobile and desktop. As explained on its website, Angular 2 solves the basic challenges on mobile web with “Angular Universal for server-side rendering and Web Workers for smooth scrolling and transitions”.

It’s eight times faster than Angular 1.Brad Green, Google director of engineering in charge of Angular

AngulaJS 2 is written in TypeScript and is already beeing used by Google in Adwords and Google Fiber. For others, Google has offered a library named ngUpgrade for mixing Angular 1 and 2 inside an app. By retaining the previous features like data binding and dependency injection, developers can write Angular 2 components inside Angular 1 apps.

For the final release, the biggest planned changes are:

  1. Reducing Angular 2’s payload size.
  2. Making the Angular CLI usable end to end throughout the development process.
  3. Creating a more developer-friendly route definition and link API for the Component Router.
  4. Support for animations.
  5. I18n and L10n support.

Read more from the links below:

– AngularJS 2 Beta release on Angular blog and source code on GitHub

Get free AngularJS 2.0 Webinar

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