Google Will Stop Supporting Chrome on Windows XP After 2015



It’s an old story that Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows XP to push forward its new operating systems and as a result, systems running Windows XP haven’t received any updates or security updates in over a year. As a result, these systems running Windows XP are facing critical vulnerabilities.

As another step in the same direction, today Google announced that it is becoming difficult for its Chrome web browser to provide a secure environment for web browsing. Earlier Google announced that they will continue supporting Chrome on Windows XP till the April of 2015. In a new blog post, Google writes that it is extending its commitment and will provide regular security patches and updates to Chrome on Windows XP until 2015 end.

Even today, millions of people are using Windows XP and it won’t just disappear somewhere. It has been over a year since Microsoft has ditched Windows XP, but the market share of the operating system is somewhere around 13 to 20 percent.

Mark Larson, Director of Engineering, Google Chrome writes: “We know that not everyone can easily switch to a newer operating system. Millions of people are still working on XP computers every day. We want those people to have the option to use a browser that’s up-to-date and as safe as possible on an unsupported operating system.”

If you are using Windows XP and Chrome on Windows XP, we advise you to switch over to a newer operating system so that your system would receive constant security updates. This will reduce potential risks of hacking and other vulnerabilities.

What are your favorite web browsers and operating systems? Tell us in comments below!

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Adarsh Verma

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