Google+ Will Start Deleting User Data From April 2nd


After a massive data breach that exposed the profiles of the users, Google announced that it would pull the plug on Google+, its social networking service. Soon another data leak affected the user data, and Google fast-forwarded its plan to shut down Google+. Now, the company has issued a formal timeline as to how the process will be carried out.

New users will not be allowed on Google+ from February 4th onwards. On the same date, the comments generated by the Google-owned social media network on Blogger will be removed. For other websites, the comments will be taken down by March 7th.

On April 2nd, the search giant will delete all the user data from Google+ except Google Notes, which will be kept for legal reasons.  The user data that will be wiped off will include photos and videos stored in your Album Archive and Google+ pages.

Users can download the required data by following the instruction manual that the company has provided. Moreover, if you have backed up your photos and videos on Google Photos, it will remain intact in the cloud storage.

Additionally, if someone has used Google+ to sign-in to other websites, you will be required to sign-in again. In some cases, Google+ sign-in button will be replaced by Google Sign in button to allow easier access.

The entire process of the shutdown will be completed over the course of a few months as it will take some time to delete all the user data.

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Anmol Sachdeva

Anmol Sachdeva

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