Google Will Now Let You Delete Your Search History More Easily


In the recent past, Google has brought changes in the privacy controls and search history that makes it possible to review and delete search history. But it wasn’t that simple and obvious.

This is why Google is bringing new changes that will let you review and delete recent search history within Google search itself.

As we know, Google keeps a log of everything you search for on its search. Even if you clear your local browser history, it doesn’t erase what’s stored on Google’s servers.

Many of you may have been successful in digging into the Google Account page to find your complete web activity over search engine and various Google apps. But the same cannot be said for all the users.

This is why the privacy controls won’t be hidden away in the settings anymore. Users will get quicker access to options like disabling ad personalization and preventing Google apps from saving user activity.

Starting from today, Google is implementing these changes in desktop and mobile web. In the coming weeks, these features would arrive on Android and iOS as well.

The company is also planning to extend similar changes in services like Google Maps which saves a massive amount of location and search data.

Google’s latest efforts to improve privacy controls comes in the wake of scandals and allegations that reveal massive data breaches. All major tech companies are facing criticism for not providing adequate privacy controls.

Google is also facing pressure over the recent Google+ breach which forced the company to shut it down permanently. So all tech companies are now focusing on giving back the control in users’ hands to protect their privacy.

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Manisha Priyadarshini

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