Google Tensor G2 Chip Specs Leaked: Will This Power The Rumored Pixel Mini?

A slight increase in overall performance!

New Leak Reveals Google Pixel 7 Pre-Order Date
Image: YouTube

Google teased a lot of product releases for 2022 at its annual I/O event this year. The highlights were the new Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, which are set to arrive this year. Their design won’t be that different from their predecessor, and both sport the same camera strip as the Pixel 6 series. However, the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro will pack the new Tensor G2 chip, the latest Google silicon.

Apart from this, the Pixel Watch could be an even bigger head turner than the Apple Watch 8 (we hope so). The company is also rumored to be working on a “more compact” Pixel device that could be called Pixel Mini.

Google Tensor G2 Chip Specs: How much it matters?

Google Tensor G2 is an incremental upgrade as compared to its predecessor – the Tensor G1. Reports indicate that the Pixel 7 Pro outperforms its predecessor by a margin of 7% in the multi-core segment. Tensor G2 sports the new Mali-G710 GPU providing 1.5 times increase in performance during graphics-intensive tasks. Moreover, the new Tensor G2 is built using a 4nm process, which could theoretically offer 20% efficiency gains.

So, Google will debut these two smartphones in the coming months and, hopefully, the Pixel Watch too. Meanwhile, the Pixel 6a and the other two smartphones in the Pixel 6 lineup could get a decent reduction in prices. Typically, the value of the outgoing model plunges after the new version is available. If you want to own a Pixel smartphone at a fairly discounted rate, wait for the Pixel 7 lineup to launch.

Google Tensor G2 benchmarks
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Rumors of a Pixel Mini coming into the picture made rounds on the internet last week. A Weibo leakster shared that Google might be working on a more compact Pixel smartphone for 2023. It would have a smaller and more compact size, hinting that we could see something like the iPhone Mini, which was discontinued this year.

But the cancellation of the iPhone Mini proves that most users love phones with big displays and don’t care if they fit into their pockets on not. Coming back to the Pixel Mini, it might become a better compact phone if the Tensor G2 chip has solid battery optimization.

One of the reasons nearly nobody got the iPhone Mini was because of the relatively average battery life. If Google can fix that in a compact Pixel, the mini phone market may get a breath of fresh air from the Android camp.

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