Google Sued For Tracking Location History Of Users With Location Turned Off


Last week Google admitted that it tracks the location history of users even after turning off location services. Not long after, a man name Napoleon Patacsil from San Diego filed a lawsuit against the tech giant for the same.

This lawsuit was filed in a federal court in San Francisco where his attorneys argued that “Google is violating the California Invasion of Privacy Act and the state’s constitutional right to privacy.”

They are seeking class-action status for this lawsuit including both “Android Class” and “iPhone Class” for millions of people across the United States who were tracked by Google in spite of turning off their Location History.

However, it is going to take months before the judge could declare the lawsuit eligible for class-action.

Meanwhile, lawyers from the Electronic Privacy Information Center have written a 3-page letter to the FTC stating that Google’s practices are clearly violating the 2011 consent order.

According to the order, Google consented not to misrepresent facts related to “(1) the purposes for which it collects and uses covered information, and (2) the extent to which consumers may exercise control over the collection, use, or disclosure of covered information.”

Until the whole story of Google tracking user’s location came into light, the company policy’s simply stated that the Location History can be turned off at any time and no history would be saved as long as it is off.

However, this turned out to be false and the worst part is that the tech company has simply chosen to edit its policies instead of stopping this practice.

On last Friday, Google quietly edited the policy on its website clarifying “some location data may be saved as part of your activity on other services, like Search and Maps.”

While we await the outcome of this lawsuit, you can stop Google from tracking your location for more privacy.

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