A Google Store Bug Is Showing Users $500 Google Store Credit

No, the silicon valley giants aren't this generous.

Google Store $500 false credit
Google Store

A new UI bug on the revamped Google Store is creating a stir in the community. The bug reflects a hefty $500 balance in your account, tempting you to buy at least something from the Store. It all ends in disappointment because it is, in fact, a UI bug that shows incorrect balance.

Many users who tried to attempt a purchase using the $500 balance saw it vanish on the checkout page. Of all the bugs on the Google Store, this one hits right where it hurts(empty pockets).

What is the Google Store Bug?

Google Store recently redesigned the accounts section and made a few changes to the UI. Along with that, they unintentionally introduced a new bug in the Accounts section. Whenever a user checks their balance, they see $500 in their account. But when they try to buy anything from the Store using the free moolah, they see the actual balance. Sadly, the $500 is a mirage and nothing more than that.

9to5Google verified that this was indeed a Google Store Bug which seemed to show the $500 credits. They tested it using three accounts and observed the exaggerated balance in each of them.

Google Store Bug
Image: 9to5Google

It is a Bug

Google Store Bug shows you $500 in-store credits and nothing more. It will be fixed since numerous publications are already covering the issue. Some are even considering it as a delayed April Fools Joke, but it is a bug and nothing more. One interesting thing about that bug is that the false balance appears in accounts that have some Google Store credits.

Google I/O is just around the corner and will feature a lot of product launches like the Pixel 6a and the Pixel Watch tease. What do you think of this incorrect balance bug? Is it intentional, and did you face it in your Google Store account? Share your experience in the comments.

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