Google Stadia Might Not Be Around For Long

google stadia and google stream

Google Stadia was advertised as a gamer’s dream but had quite a poor reception. Now, the company is looking to salvage Stadia by powering other services. According to Insider, Google is reportedly shifting its focus from Stadia to a new backend service called Google Stream.

The company has also been talking to various companies to work out a deal for its streaming service. It seems like Google’s only option to keep the service alive is by licensing it to anyone with cash. The report also mentions that only 20% of Stadia’s business is consumer-based, according to Google employees.

In response to this report, Stadia tweeted out a statement to assure its followers.

Google Stadia to Google Stream

Google plans to change Stadia into a white-label streaming platform (licensed by businesses and used under their own branding). The company has been talking with Capcom and Bungie to license its cloud technology for running their games.

Google has already been working with Peloton to work on a game for its bikes called Lanebreak. The game uses Google’s cloud services as the backend, and the bikes use Google’s Android OS. The company is also working on a similar deal with AT&T to allow its customers to stream Batman: Arkham Knight directly through their web browser.

Although Google Stadia is still somewhat alive, the question is, for how long? Players can still log on and buy games on the Stadia if they want to. But what happens to their purchased games if Stadia changes its direction from consumers to enterprises.

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