Google Search Scene Exploration Will Change How You Use Google

This will change how we use Google search!

Google Search Scene Exploration Will Change How You Use Google

At its annual I/O conference held yesterday, Google revealed the Google search scene exploration feature. This is an upgrade to the Multisearch that conducts simultaneous and multiple queries about the objects surrounding you.

Multisearch was introduced to google lens several weeks ago. The ultimate goal of this new feature is to make the search engine even more natural. Google will achieve this by combining its understanding of all types of information — text, voice, visuals, and more. Making the lens even more useful and powerful.

how does Google Search Scene Exploration work?

Google Search Scene Exploration Will Change How You Use Google
image credit: NDTV gadgets 360

As this builds upon multi-search which is incorporated in google lens, it is possible to analyze and search entire scenes. You can pan around to scan multiple objects at once in real-time. Working on the limitations of google lens, the company is pushing forward for an even more advanced search experience.

Google demonstrated scene exploration with an example. Amongst a rack of chocolates, the presenter at the I/O asked the scene exploration to highlight the highly-rated bars. He gave certain conditions like they should be nut-free and made from dark chocolate. The demonstration was quite successful with cheering audiences to show for it.

According to Google, the functionality may be used to restrict your choices based on products from minority-owned firms or other criteria. Scene exploration will give the search a whole new direction. As it is a Google search engine you’d be able to search for almost anything.

Scene exploration will just make it easier to find what you are looking for. Combining images and text this outstanding feat can be achieved. Gone are the days when you typed in text or used voice to look for the information you need. Would you use scene exploration in your daily life? Do let us know.

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