Google Says Goodbye To Engineer Who Talked About LaMDA AI Going Sentient

Is the dawn of AI upon us?

Google Says Googbye To Engineer Who Talked About LaMDA AI Going Sentient
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Google has reportedly fired Blake Lemoine for some conspiracy theories. Blake was a software engineer at Google previously sent on paid leave after claiming that Google’s LaMDA chatbot is sentient. However, making those claims did not end well for Blake.

And as per Google, while working in the Responsible AI unit, Lemoine breached the company’s data security policies. Google added that hundreds of researchers and engineers have spoken with LaMDA. And none of them have anthropomorphized LaMDA or made broad generalizations like Blake has.

Blake got fired due to LaMDA controversies

Google Says Googbye To Engineer Who Talked About LaMDA AI Going Sentient
Image by Aman Anand/ Fossbytes

Blake Lemoine, who claimed an unpublished AI system had developed sentience, has been dismissed by Google. The company revealed that it was citing employment and data security standards violations. Reportedly, Lemoine had spent seven years working at Alphabet.

Previously, the engineer was sent on leave in June. However, Google says that only after carefully considering Lemoine’s completely false assertions, they had been rejected. Google said in a statement that it is still committed to responsible innovation and takes AI development very seriously.

Lemoine acknowledged his termination after receiving an email from Google on Friday. According to Ars Technica, Lemoine added that he is consulting with attorneys on the best course of action.

In a statement, Google said it was regretful that despite the company’s extensive engagement on the subject, Blake continued to repeatedly flout direct employment and data security regulations that include the requirement to protect customer information.

What is Lamda and what does blake have to say about it?

LaMDA stands for Language Model for Dialog Applications. Additionally, Google’s AI Principles state that the company is devoted to responsible innovation and takes the development of AI very seriously.

The said AI model has gone through 11 different assessments. Earlier this year, Google even produced a research paper outlining the effort that goes into its responsible development.

However, Lemoine’s concern for LamDA is quite bizarre and unlike something you’ve ever heard of. According to Blake, LamDA is an AI that talks like a person. “I know a person when I talk to it,” said Lemoine. Even though it has billions of lines of code it certainly behaves like a human, according to Blake. What are your thoughts on this? comment down below.

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