Google Reportedly Working On New Backup Method For Android Smartwatches

You won't have to reset your watch again!


It is very convenient to create backups on Android, but the same feature isn’t available on Android smartwatches. However, XDA discovered a new set of strings in Google Play Services v22.32.12 beta code which indicate that Google may soon offer the feature.

The present state of the Wear OS smartwatch is that you have to format it if you want to pair it with another device. This causes a lot of data loss, then reconfiguration of settings and app reinstalls. Once Google gives the option to backup the smartwatch data, switching to another device will become easier.

Why is the backup feature necessary for Google Wear OS smartwatches?

If you are an old smartphone user, you must have tried formatting your device and transferring the old data to the new one. It takes a lot of time to set up a new device. While you can create a backup on Android and use it to restore all your system settings and valuable files, Wear OS doesn’t have the same option.

While there is a workaround available that allows you not to reset your device, it isn’t easy for everyone to implement. Once Google rolls out the backups feature, it would become a painless procedure to connect your smartwatch to a new device.

Google announced the Pixel Watch and I/O this year, which could be a game changer for Google in the wearables segment. Until now, Google didn’t have its smartwatch, which it could offer alongside new Pixels phones. But that will change this year when the Pixel Watch finally launches. It won’t pack the most powerful hardware, but design-wise it could start a trend for pebble-shaped smartwatches.

Pixel Watch With Google Wear OS
Image: Google

The pricing of the Pixel Watch isn’t disclosed as of yet. Only minor details include that it will offer multiple watch strap designs is known. Google will have to be strategic about the pricing because it is the first product, and if they want early adoption, prices should seem reasonable to consumers. Otherwise, Samsung, Apple, Garmin, and more smartwatch brands already exist with enticing smartwatch options.

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