Google Promises “Palm Rejection” To Fix One Of Pixel’s Worst Problems


While the Ambient display or the Always-on display tends to be THE feature some users need, it can go annoying for some. Addressing the same set of people, Google could add a new feature to its Pixel devices’ Ambient display.

While responding to a user addressing the ambient display issues with Pixel smartphones, Google has suggested that it will soon add palm rejection to the upcoming Android Q beta releases.

Users have reported that the Ambient display on Pixel smartphones can be easily dismissed and doesn’t allow users to easily view the notifications, and instead the lock screen appears.

Hence, the palm rejection will prevent users from accidentally landing on the lock screen, for example, while taking the device out of the pocket.

For the uninitiated, Google’s Always-on display on Pixel smartphones (known as Ambient display) comes with three setting options; the first setting allows the display to remain always on, the second setting wakes up the device when it is double-tapped, and the third setting wakes the display when  the device is lifted, much like Apple’s ‘rise to wake’ feature.

Additionally, the new feature will avoid the inadvertent screen wake ups.

While Google seems to be finding a solution to the problem, there is still no concrete word from Google as to when exactly the feature will be rolled out to users.

We will keep you posted on the same. So, stay tuned to Fossbytes for further updates.

Update: Title edited to correct the typo from Palm Detection to Palm Rejection.

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