Google is Planning to Launch Play Store for China


google-new-logoShort Bytes: The search giant is planning to launch a separate version of its Play Store for China, sometime in 2016, as they hope so. It is interesting to know that Google had to back off from China as they were unable to meet the censorship demands of the Chinese government.

The search giant Google has been planning to launch a separate version of its Play Store for China, scheduled sometime in 2016, as reported by Reuters. Google was unable to set its footprint in China since the last five years as a consequence of their reluctance to adhere to the communist government’s censorship policies.

The new Play Store for China will be entirely dissociated from the main Play Store and the Mountain View-based company will keep its user data in the servers resting on the Chinese soil, in order to comply with the Chinese government’s censorship regulations.

Google, along with Facebook being kicked out of the Chinese market did prefer Apple, an esplanade to improve its consumer base in China, and they did mushroom very well. Moreover, Chinese smartphone market is well maintained by some “home grown” startups like Baidu for search engine and Wandoujia as an app store.

It’ll be interesting to be a spectator in the digital colosseum, when Google’s new Play Store for China will come into action.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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