Google Reportedly Working To Add Windows 10 Support To Pixelbook

Google Pixelbook Windows 10 supported

Google is working hard to change general public’s perception about Chromebook, that it’s more than a laptop running a web browser. The efforts include adding support for Android and Linux apps.

But Google is reportedly working to take Chromebooks (more precisely, Pixelbook) to another level by adding native support for Windows 10. So, people don’t have to do the tweaking and hacking part to run the OS if they want.

Hints of Windows 10’s possible arrival on Pixelbook have been spotted by XDA which found mentions of WHCK (Windows Hardware Certification Kit) and HLK (Windows Hardware Lab Kit) related to Pixelbook’s codename “Eve.”

It indicates that Google wants to get its Pixelbooks certified to run Windows 10. Compatible hardware is the key to the top-of-the-line Windows experience, complete with signed and working drivers.

Recently, there were reports of Google working on AltOS mode (alternative OS) for PixelBook. It was believed that AltOS is the way Windows could land on Pixelbooks, and maybe, Chromebooks in general.

Microsoft has always wanted to put Windows 10 everywhere. And the change, if it comes to fruition, could make Google and Microsoft partners rather than rivals.

Given that it’s an impressive piece of hardware, the idea of a Pixelbook running Windows 10 sounds exciting. But it’s unlikely that Google would want to give ample room to Microsoft’s OS. A dual-boot option sounds more practical than having Windows 10 pre-installed. But definitely, it would be an advantage for everyday users if it sees the daylight.

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Source: XDA via 9to5Google

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