Google Pixel To Get Add iPhone-like “Nearby Calling” Feature: Report

A nice addon to the Google ecosystem.


Not just in privacy, Google is taking cues from iPhone in other areas as well. With that said, a nearby calling feature that transfers calls automatically to other devices in the vicinity can arrive on Pixel devices.

The news comes after a new preloaded app called Cross-Device Communication Service was spotted by Mishaal Rahman during the testing of the Android 12L developer preview.

As per the screenshots, Pixel’s nearby calling feature will enable you to transfer calls to Nest Hub devices when they are close to each other. This is similar to how it works on the iPhone, where you can pick up an incoming call from your iPad, macOS, or HomePod smart speaker.

Not just redirecting calls, the tweet suggests you’ll be able to make phone calls directly from your Nest Hub smart display.

While there aren’t any specific details available, it’s likely that the said feature will work between Pixel and Chromebooks as well. The Cross-Device Communication Service app is designed to allow app sharing between the two devices among various features. It will be able to sync app notifications, etc.

Both are owned by Google, and the two platforms already offer a decent level of cross-device compatibility. It’s about time Google is trying to make its ecosystem more useful. As of now, you can send texts from a Chromebook, share your internet, and unlock it using your Pixel device.

Certainly, that adds one more incentive for the people planning to buy the new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro devices featuring the company’s new Tensor SoC.

Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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