Google Pixel Tablet May Release Sooner Than Expected

Now Google Pixel Tablet might come sooner

Google Is Working On A Pixel Tab "Pro"
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The search giant Google announced that next year, it would come out with the new Pixel tablet and also hinted at the Pixel 7 smartphone during its annual I/O Conference.

Google revealed that the Google Pixel tablet would feature the company’s Tensor chip. But, since it won’t hit the market till 2023, we could expect a newer version of the chipset in the tablet rather than the current one. The company has placed the Pixel tablet on the list of USI products.

Google’s new tablet

While the news about a new Google Pixel tablet is exciting for news enthusiasts, there is still a long wait ahead of us before it is available for purchase. The USI has listed the new Google tablet under the code name ‘Tangor,’ and the model is only listed as ‘Tablet’ at the moment.

Image Credit: USI

This is the first Android tablet that the USI has listed since Google joined the initiative back in 2018. However, many Google Chromebooks, which are available in the market today, have received USI support.

The tablet is a part of Google’s growing Pixel ecosystem, including an upcoming Pixel Watch, phones, headphones, and more! So far, there is no verified information about the tablet and how much it will cost.

What is USI?

The Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) is an allegiance of companies to endorse a technical standard for interoperable active pen styluses on touchscreen devices. With the help of its established standards, a USI-certified accessory will be compatible with any of the group’s approved tablets.

The initiative released the USI 2.0 version in February 2022, including wireless charging support for its verified pens. This new charging method replaces the old USB-C port charging or changing alkaline battery line that previous digital pens required.

According to the standards board of the USI, digital pens that are in accordance with the new standards have better working and tilt functionality. These pens work efficiently even if the user holds them at specific angles. On the other hand, the color palette for the pens has also seen a big increase from 256 to 16 million.



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