Google Real Tone Filters Come To iPhone And iPad

Real Tone Filters is now rolling out for Google Photos

Real Tone Filters
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During this year’s annual developer conference, Google announced the “Real Tone Filters” designed to work across all skin tones to provide a natural tone to your skin.

Google announced this feature back in 2021 for pixel-specific devices, but now they are expanding this to more Google products.

During the Google I/O, announcement Company said, “Today, we’re introducing the next step in our commitment to image equity and improving representation across our products.”

Google is developing this feature in partnership with Havard professor Dr. Ellis Monk. Together they have developed a 10-shade scale called the “Monk Skin Tone” scale (MST) to distinguish between the real skin tone of a person.

Real Tone filters coming to Google Photos

Google has recently implemented the Real Tone filters feature on Google Photos meaning users can now choose from a wide variety of skin tones to pick the one that suits their style.

This feature is now rolling out for Android, iOS, and the web, which means you don’t have to own a Pixel phone in order to use this feature.

You can easily use this feature through Google Photos no matter which smartphone you are using. It also works with your older photos that have already been taken.

Besides Google Photos, the company is also soon rolling out this feature to Google Search. Now the implementation is yet to be seen.

How does MST scale Work?

According to Google, they are using machine learning and AI to evaluate the right skin tone for a person across different skin tones.

The company also mentioned that they had developed certain practices for evaluating skin tone through fairness analysis.



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