Google Releases Night Mode For Android Go Devices


Google has released a new low-light photography mode, called Night Mode, for entry-level devices running on Android Go. This means that you will now be able to click better pictures in dim lighting, even on a budget phone.

Android Go is a diluted version of Android for those who don’t know, optimized for smartphones with humble specifications (2GB RAM and less). Google has introduced the latest night mode feature in Google Camera Go, a stripped-down version of the Camera app on Pixel devices. For more features like them, check these best night camera app for android.

Night Mode Clicks Superior Images On Inferior Hardware

The new enhancement to Camera Go focuses on bringing better low-light photography to less powerful hardware, without relying on flash. This feat is achieved by capturing multiple pictures at different exposures and then combining them into one. Night Mode can be seen as a lite version of Google’s Night Sight (available on high-end Pixel phones).

However, Android Go users shouldn’t expect Night Mode to deliver results comparable to Night Sight. The new feature still faces the hardware limitations of a budget phone. Also, it does not have the AI capabilities of Night Sight. But rest assured that the new Camera Go app will make the most of the limited resources available on entry-level phones.

Night Mode, the latest upgrade to Camera Go, is rolling out on the Nokia 1.3, Wiko Y61, and Wiko Y81. It will be coming on more Android Go devices soon.

More Features To Arrive Soon

Google has also hinted towards adding more features to Camera Go in subsequent updates. Pranay Bhatia, Google Camera Go’s Product Manager, said in a video that the team is working to bring HDR mode to the camera app. He says the “power of computation photography” will arrive on Android Go devices later this year.

With Google working hard to give the best possible Android experience to low-end specs, it won’t be a surprise if more and more consumers switch to Android Go smartphones as time goes on.

Priye Rai

Priye Rai

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