Google News Gets Refreshed Design With New Features

Google News is 20 years old and will feature a revamped UI!

Google News Gets Refreshed Design With New Features
Image: Google

Google News is 20 years old today and is officially revamped to push the user experience to further heights. Google announced that Google News will get a new appearance and some useful features.

The company highlighted the fact that it is available in 125 countries and is a hot favorite of many. Moreover, Google News is available in 40 languages and the new transformation will help improve the experience for desktop users.

Google News: A new design

Google News will now arrange the news categories in vertical columns called topics. You will be able to customize topics as you want. The major change is to the overall layout of Google news. Earlier, it was a vertical list on the left-hand side. But now it has a card layout that is more accessible than before. You can glance at more sections simultaneously.

Google News
Image: Google

It now showcases the top stories on the left side and positions the local news section on the extreme right. Below that is the ‘picks for you’ section which suggests some more topics. Once you scroll down, you will find the topics section which is a column-style division of all the selected categories.

Google addressed the fake news issue on the internet and now features a fact check section. You can scroll down to check which news was flagged as false in the last few days. The news card will clearly mention whether it is true or false. These fact checks will be done by independent sources that work with Google to make news more reliable.

Google News will also return to Spain after an eight-year hiatus. It is a result of new copyright law and the company expects to become the number one source of news on the internet in Spain. Google also elaborated on a few initiatives that will help journalists and publications to become successful. The company offers training programs, monetary help, and more.

Google will also open applications for its Global News Equity Fund to bring more diversity to the news. Interested organizations can apply before July 21 to get a chance to get Google’s support and financial aid to build their publication.

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