Google Testing New Search Results Interface For Some Queries [Exclusive]

new google search results page
Image: Fossbytes

Google keeps on experimenting with the search results page more often than not, keeping the SEO experts and marketing analysts always on the edge.

Google makes a small change in the search results and SEO experts need to rethink their strategies in order to keep up with the Game of Rankings.

One such design change in the Google desktop search results was recently discovered by Adarsh Verma, Fossbytes Chief Operating Officer.

Google is testing new design changes where the tech giant is filling up the blank spaces on the left and right of search listings with more features.

In the screenshots shared by Adarsh, it seems like the related search queries are shifted to the right side whereas one can see more search filters on the left of the search query. In the case of games, there are filters like Videos, News, Characters, Guides, Quests, Gameplay, For Sale, etc.

Currently, the extent of the new design change on the search result page is unknown. Adarsh notes that it only works for songs and games, however, it fails to show up in other topics such as movies, books, artists, bands, etc.

It is highly unlikely that the new change will have any major implications on the working of Google Search Algorithm since it appears to be a mere interface change.

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