Why Is Everyone Talking About This Google Messages Update?

New style of read receipts coming soon!


Google Messages received a lot of updates in the past week. It includes a new PiP mode for YouTube videos, a brand-new icon, and many more features. But that’s not all coming to Google Messages. Google is testing a new feature for users who have enabled the RCS mode. Like WhatsApp and Signal, you will see three types of read receipts when you send a message.

The current display scheme for a text message status is different. Rather than checkmarks, you see text describing the status of the message. Google Messages currently has two indicators – Delivered and read.

Google Messages update

Google Messages is testing a new feature that will improve the quality of read receipts that you see in the app. Unlike the boring text status elements, which take up a lot of space, you will see tiny checkmarks as you see in WhatsApp. But 9to5goole reported that there is a slightly confusing design of the read receipts Google in testing for the Messages app.

As per 9to5google, for individual chats:

  • 1 checkmark = Sent
  • 2 checkmarks = Delivered
  • 2 filled-in checkmarks = Read

In group chats:

  • 1 checkmark = Sent
  • 2 checkmarks = Delivered
  • “Seen by [x]” or “Read by all” = Read

For individual chats, the checkmark scheme is exactly like you see on popular instant messaging apps. But the group chats are slightly confusing. One checkmark means the message was successfully sent, and two means delivered, but there is no filled-in checkmark for messages seen by the participants. Instead, it will display a ‘read by all’ status when everyone in the group read the message.

Google Schedule Messages
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But if only a few participants have seen the message, it will display the “Seen by [x]” status. ‘X’ here stands for the number of participants who have seen the message. So, you will directly know the number of people who have seen your message. However, WhatsApp only uses 2 filled-in checkmarks to indicate that all the people in a group have read your message.

You can also see the names of users who have seen and not seen the message. We hope that Google will think about all of this in the testing phase of the new read receipts for Google Messages.

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