Google Messages Bug Is Using Your Camera And Draining Battery

Google Messages App drains your battery!

Google Messages Bug Is Using Your Camera And Draining Battery
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A bug in Google Messages app is draining the battery life of users’ phones. The bug keeps the camera app running in the background even when not required. Google hasn’t confirmed anything about the newfound glitch in the Messages app. But, there is a workaround to avoid this issue and stop the battery drain.

What is the new Google Messages bug?

Google Messages app is a widely used messaging app on many smartphones. Recently, Google added a feature to send images to others using Wi-Fi/mobile data. But the feature is causing more harm than good. Whenever someone uses the send images feature of the app, they can click an image or browse from the gallery.

The camera app appears in the same window alongside the browse images option. Even after you exit the app, the viewfinder continues to run in the background. Unless you force close the Messages app, the camera app continues to run in the background.

This is causing heavy battery drain and is very difficult to find out. Reddit user u/CozyMicrobe shared his findings on the platform about the Google Messages bug. According to him, the Android 12 camera use indicator remained on even after exiting the Messages app. Android 12 offers a camera indicator feature to remind you whether the selfies camera is active or not.

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A solution for the bug?

There isn’t an official update to resolve the Google Messages Bug as of now. But there is a workaround to restrict the Messages app from draining your battery. Rather than waiting for Google to fix the issue, you can use this method to prevent battery drain now.

  • Open the Messages app and try to use the image messages option.
  • Next, press the Overview button to minimize the app.
  • Press and hold the app windows to reveal the App Info option and tap on it.
  • Now, scroll down in the App Info window and enter the App Permissions option.
  • Find the Camera permissions from the list and tap on it.
  • It will be set to “Allow only while using the app“. Select the “Don’t Allow option.”

Now, the Google Messages Bug won’t bother you anymore. The app doesn’t have camera access and won’t run the camera app in the background. You can even take a bold step and uninstall the Google Messages app. You can switch to SMS organizer which offers similar features and doesn’t have the camera bug. Google will also launch a Self-Share feature to offer AirDrop-like file sharing on Android.

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