Google Maps Is Getting Immersive View; What Is It And How To Use It?

You can now view popular cities landmarks in 3D on Google Maps!

Google Maps Is Getting Immersive View; What Is It And How To Use It?
Image: Google

Google announced a lot of new advancements at the Google I/O 2022 event yesterday. It included an improvement in Google maps to suggest fuel savings routes and an immersive view of popular locations and landmarks. However, there are only a handful of cities that are available in the immersive view feature.

Google plans to add more cities in the coming months using their neural image processing and satellite images. The immersive view will offer a real-time 3D representation of popular landmarks.

What is Google Maps Immersive View feature?

Google has been working on adding more information to Google maps. Advances in AI are a great method using which Google plans to make maps more detailed and lifelike. Google mapped over 1.6 billion buildings and 60 million roads till now, which is a commendable feat.

Some areas proved very difficult to map due to which Google resorted to neural networks and computer vision to identify buildings. The company claims that this information will be useful to organizations that track population density.

Google is now using a combination of neural image processing and computer vision to arrange billions of images. Rather than recording drone shots of popular landmarks, the 3D mapping is done by compiling billions of satellite images.

Immersive View
Image: Google

How to use it?

Google Maps immersive view will help you visualize a location/landmark that you plan to visit. Rather than showcasing a photo, it will present a 3D view of the structure and the surrounding areas. Moreover, it can run on almost any smartphone so you don’t need an expensive phone to use it.

Google Cloud’s immersive stream powers the experience which means all the processing is done at their end. The smartphone doesn’t have to do any heavy lifting in this case. However, you will need a robust internet connection to use the immersive view which shouldn’t be a problem in the era of 5G.

The Immersive view feature is a boon for third-party developers as well. They can now build AR apps and games using the Live View AR feature of Maps. Google didn’t share the release date for this feature in its official blog post. What are your thoughts about the Immersive view? Do you need a detailed 3D view of popular landmarks? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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