Google Maps Historic Street View Is Coming To iOS And Android

Google Maps Street View is getting some major features

Google Maps Street View Feature
Image: Google

Google Maps Street View feature will get a few tweaks to celebrate its 15th anniversary. The service is getting not one but two upgrades. 

The first one will have you staring at your mobile screen for hours, as Street View is now coming to iOS and Android, and will display the historical Street View imagery on your mobile devices.

Meanwhile, the second is a portable camera that Google hopes to add, facilitating capturing Street View imagery in the future.

Google Maps Street View Feature:

For years, users have used Street View from their desktops to evaluate how a place has changed over the years. Now, you can do it from your mobile phone as the service is coming to Android and iOS apps.

To access it, you need to tap anywhere on the screen while in Street View mode and select the ‘see more dates’ option to access the location’s historical pictures. Google has revealed that this feature will show imagery of locations where Street View is available from all the way back in 2007.

Google Maps Street View Feature
Image Credit Google

The New Portable Camera:

The second announcement from Google is about a new and more portable camera for capturing 360-degree imagery. Currently, the company uses a large camera-equipped backpack and dedicated cars.

But now, all this functionality will be available in a new and shrunk camera, weighing 6.8 kg. The camera will make it easier for the search giant to capture Street View imagery worldwide, allowing more frequent updates.

With this innovation, Google can now retrofit the new camera into an existing vehicle rather than paying to transport camera-equipped cars. Although Google’s focus is on how portable the new camera is, the head of Street View’s hardware team Steven Silverman said it will benefit how each panorama looks as well.

Street View has proven to be a handy feature over the years, but with these new additions, Google will be able to take it to the next level and improve its Google Maps data. According to Silverman, they will roll out this new camera next year.



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